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DC War Memorial © David DeJonge

District of Columbia War Memorial

District of Columbia War Memorial
Independence Avenue Southwest
Washington, DC 20024
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The DC War Memorial, officially named the District of Columbia War Memorial, commemorates the 26,000 citizens of Washington, DC who served in World War I. The memorial is located on the National Mall just west of 17th St. and Independence Ave. SW, next to the WWII Memorial. The domed peristyle Doric temple stands as the only memorial on the National Mall dedicated to local residents. Inscribed in the base of the memorial are 499 names of Washingtonians who lost their life during World War I. The DC War Memorial was dedicated in 1931 on Armistice Day-the day that marked the official end of the war.

The DC War Memorial was restored and reopened in November 2011.

For more info visit The World War I Memorial Foundation at