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Flanders Raises the Bar on Climate Change Goals

by Alan Hope for Flanders Today - 09/21/17
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The government of Flanders has decided to increase its goals for measures to combat climate change after positive results so far.

In 2016, the government set the target of a 40% cut in carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. That was based on 2005 figures. Energy consumption in government buildings would at the same time be cut by 27%.

Now that CO2 emissions from energy use have been reduced by the target amount, the government has decided to raise the bar: the 40% target will now be based on 2015 levels, making the goal harder to reach.

“The Flemish government wants to continue to set an example, and through the amendment of its reference year is opting for an ambitious approach,” the government said in a document obtained by Belga new agency. The updated target will involve a new contract for the production of renewable energy, as well as other measures to reduce CO2 emissions, according to Belga.