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Flemish Department of Foreign Affairs

Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs

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The Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs helps shape the international policy of the Government of Flanders and mobilises all relevant partners to that end. In doing so, the Department helps to build an open, dynamic and solidary Flanders, which dedicates itself to a democratic, safe and prospering global society.


The Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs contributes to this by investing first of all in:

• the protection of the international interests of Flanders;
• the internationalisation of the Flemish economy;
• the sustainable growth of tourism in and to Flanders;
• the reduction of structural poverty in the world.

Core tasks

The Department is responsible for:

1. the preparation and evaluation of the Government of Flanders policy in the field of foreign affairs, tourism, development cooperation and international enterprise;
2. the international representation of the Government of Flanders;
3. the communication with regard to the Government of Flanders international policy;
4. the coordination of the Flemish position determination and interests protection in EU and international dossiers;
5. the financing and supporting of projects, programmes and organisations in implementation of the Government of Flanders policy insofar that it has not been entrusted to the agencies of the Flemish foreign affairs policy area;
6. the monitoring of the international trade in strategic and military goods;
7. the transposition of and monitoring of the compliance with international commitments and agreements;
8. the monitoring of the internal coherence of the Flemish public actions at the international level.

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