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Tourist Office for Flanders-Brussels

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Tourism Flanders-Brussels has the mission 'to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism in and to Flanders with a view to increasing economic return, employment and welfare (for the population of Flanders)'.

This mission contains the four pillars on which the activities of Tourism Flanders-Brussels are based:

Make the tourism offer in Flanders more attractive through aimed investments and support.
Actively promote Flanders as a destination in order to attract more visitors.
Enable every Fleming to participate fully in tourism.
Promote the further professionalization of the sector in order to guarantee the provision of a high-quality offer to visitors.

Starting from this mission, Tourism Flanders-Brussels has developed a vision on its part to play in tourism in Flanders and in the tourism sector. In order to fulfil the mission, the Agency has set out a strategy for the coming years.

The mission of Tourism Flanders-Brussels has been laid down since the creation of the Agency in March 2004. The Flemish Parliament Act establishing the internally autonomous agency with legal personality 'Tourism Flanders-Brussels' has been adapted during the restructuring of Tourism Flanders-Brussels by a modified Flemish Parliament Act, but the fundamental task of the Agency has remained largely the same.

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Tourist Office for Flanders, Belgium
(Headquarters for US and Canada)

The New York Times Building
620 Eighth Avenue, 44th Floor
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(212) 584-2336