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"Tantra #5 (Orange and Purple on Black)” by Jan Yoors


09/14/2017 - 11/25/2017
L Parker Stephenson Photographs
764 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10065
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L. Parker Stephenson Photographs is pleased to present its third exhibition of work by
Belgian-American artist Jan Yoors (b. 1922 Antwerp - d. 1977 New York City).
The presentation of his final series titled Tantra, dating from 1975-1977, includes vintage
photographs, gouache paintings and a tapestry (the image of which was used for a Belgian
postage stamp two years ago). 

Tantra represents the culmination of Jan Yoors’ artistic vision and practice. Created in three
separate media in the years preceding his death at age 55, the series was built around the
tantric idea that focusing on a salient detail can lead to an understanding of the greater
world. As in much of his earlier work, Yoors began with dramatically cropped photographs,
then translated the shapes for his paintings and mural sized tapestries into blocks of vibrant
color and deep black. His use of flattened shapes shares and saturated hues shares affinities
with hard edge and color field painters as well as modernist design and pop art, however,
he consciously maintained independence from categorization.

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