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Mr. Luc Cortebeeck

Luc Cortebeeck Elected as Head of ILO

Source: - 06/20/17
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On June 17 in Geneva, Luc Cortebeeck was elected as President of the International Labor Organization (2017 - 2018), after serving as Vice-President of the ILO Governing Body for six years. Before that, until 2011, he was National President of the ACV, the General Christian Trade Union in Belgium.

The United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) is a specialized organization focused on labor issues, with special attention to social justice. The Government of Flanders has been working closely with the ILO since 1991. A new cooperation agreement was concluded in 2016. The Government of Flanders funds projects initiated by ILO worldwide through the Flemish ILO Trust Fund.