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Flemish DNA & Ancestry, by Guido Deboeck

Flemish DNA & Ancestry

by Guido Deboeck
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Conventional genealogy relies on documents that can contain errors, may have been written to mislead, or could be partially destroyed. Some relationships are never recorded. To go beyond the constraints of documents, genetic genealogy can be deployed. Through DNA testing paternal or maternal lineages can be disclosed.

The author combines in this book conventional and genetic genealogy to reveal the history of three Flemish families over five centuries. He describes the occupations of each of these families as well as the history of lace making, beer brewing, and immigration.

With concrete examples he illustrates the interpretation of DNA results and the uploading of those results to public databases. The how-to-do section includes a description of various DNA tests, how to select among them, and how to use DNA to document the genetic inheritances of your children.

This book also includes an introduction to the Flanders-Flemish DNA project with the first analysis of Flemish DNA records collected via the web and a summary of the deep ancestry of people with Flemish roots. These project results that have never been published before should be of great interest to Flemish people around the world.

xxiv, 372 pp., illustrated, indexed, paper, ISBN 0-9725526-7-7

Published by Gateway Press Inc. for Dokus Publishing, Arlington, Va


Genealogy has captured the hearts and minds of humans since the beginning of time...from stories shared by hunter-gatherers around the campfire to researchers chasing down the elusive documentation to prove a rumored familial connection. To the frustration of many avid genealogists, where the paper trail breaks down there is no way to reach across the gulf to the family s deeper history, at least, not until recently. Now more and more genealogists have discovered a new tool that survives burnt courthouses, surname changes, and dispersions: DNA. Since 2000, Genetic Genealogy has become an increasingly important aid to genealogists and lovers of family history. Guido Deboeck s journey into Genetic Genealogy began with his own DNA testing followed by his launching of the Flanders-Flemish DNA Project that he helped to grow into this exceptional study. This book gives an intriguing glimpse into Guido Deboeck s journey, both as a genealogist and as a genetic genealogist. --Bennett Greenspan, President of Family Tree DNA, Houston, Texas

This book goes beyond traditional genealogical research. The author goes beyond it by integrating genetics into genealogical research. He explains in an accessible way how the modern science of genetics can be deployed as an important, even crucial, complement to the traditional approach. He specifies, for example, how DNA tests can help in verifying or falsifying hypotheses about an assumed ancestry; he clarifies how DNA tests can bring together a number of families who were not aware of their common genealogical origin. The author applies with success the proposed method of genetic genealogy to research on the DNA of Flemish people (including Flemish immigrants in the United States and elsewhere) to enhance understanding of their European roots. The scope of the book is larger than just a genealogical case-study of a family. Readers interested in business history, in immigration history and in war history will find several chapters very informative, even fascinating. --Professor Herman van der Wee. KUL, Leuven, belgium

This book incorporates the history of three families. It offers guidance and direction to researchers by providing sources, a brief history of Flanders and Brabant, as well an introduction to that fascinating new avenue of research, genetic genealogy. In recounting his own family s history, Guido Deboeck has drawn on the local atmosphere to pique your interest. To those of us who constantly look for means to learn more about our ancestors and our heritage, this book is very welcome.

Margaret Roets, Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans, Detroit, Michigan