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Pieter Aspe

Pieter Aspe to be Launched in the US

Source: Flanders Today - 01/25/13

Flemish suspense writer Pieter Aspe has crossed the Atlantic. On 1 June, The Square of Revenge, the English translation of his first novel written in 1995, will be launched in the United States. This makes him the first Flemish suspense writer ever to be launched in the US. The translation rights to his books were sold late in 2011 when American agent Peter Riva signed a deal with Pegasus Books to publish Aspe’s books in English. His second book, The Midas Murders, will hit the shelves in November, and if both these titles sell enough copies, his other books will be sold at a ratio of two each year. According to Aspe his international success rides on the back of Scandinavian suspense writers. “If they see my photo, they probably think I’m Swedish or Danish,” he joked on Radio 2. According to WPG, his publisher, Aspe already sold more than 2.3 million novels. These have so far been translated into German, French, Italian and Portuguese.