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Gov. of Flanders Issues New Strategy Paper Flanders-USA

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In 2017, the Government of Flanders adopted a new Strategy Paper in which the main goals for its relationship with the USA are formulated.

The strategy paper lays emphasis on 7 major goals:


1. maintain and strengthen the economic ties with the United States as a strategic trade partner and foreign direct investor in Flanders;

2. intensify cooperation between knowledge institutions, research and innovation centers with particular attention to reciprocal exchange of students, teachers and researchers;

3. strengthen cultural relations between Flanders and the United States;

4. establish the United States as a focus market of Visit Flanders in order to develop tourism as a growth engine;

5. engage the Flemish diaspora/expats in the United States in Flemish foreign policy;

6. actively promote Flemish expertise in the United States, on issues like urban strategies, water management, port logistics, healthcare, energy and climate policies;

7. cultivate the brand “Flanders” in the USA.

In order to realize these goals, to build effective collaborations between our two countries, and to defend our interests, the Government of Flanders relies on its network of Flemish government services and agencies represented in the United States:

General Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA, with the General Delegate’s office in New York City;

− the network of Flanders Investment & Trade, consisting of five Flemish Economic Representatives with branches in New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago and Atlanta, including two Technology Attach├ęs based out of New York City and San Francisco;

− the Tourist Office/Visit Flanders, with the Director and North America Office in New York City.

This network of the Government of Flanders in the United States (Team Flanders USA) will be in charge of achieving the proposed objectives. The General Delegate of the Government of Flanders, primus inter pares within Team Flanders, will act as coordinator.

You can find the Strategy Paper Flanders-USA here.

Click here for the Dutch language version.